Mozelle Veluz

  • Model

I dance to express, I ramp to impress, I write to inspire and I think big to dream. Everything happens with a HEART and I'm currently moving on.

Projects Done:

2008: Flyering works: Terrazza de Margherita Condominium
Online Model: Terrazza de Margherita Condominium

2009: Rue de Mirage Fashion Show
Flyering works: Terraza de Margherita Condo
Beauty Products Fashion Show

2010: Fadal First Look Fashion Show
Flyering works: Jagermeister
Manila Bulletin Article Model for 'Campus HEADTURNERS'

2011: Print: Alice in Wonderland
Indie Film: DreamLife
: AD Fest 2011
: Coca-Cola December (Christmas) Commercial
Cyber Stores: The Future of Shopping (BLANC)